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NOVEMBER 29-30, 2005

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The COPHARM conference will focus on business management for the online pharmaceutical industry. The importance of this event could not be more emphasized today than ever before. With increased drug costs and financial pressures from insurance companies, consumers and governments are both seeking prescription pharmaceuticals at discount costs. While many in the USA are looking to Canada for cross border supply, the Online Pharmaceutical Industry has emerged.

The COPHARM is a two day conference that will discuss the following topics:

  • Cross-Border Pharmaceutical Sales and Distribution
  • Government Outsourcing (both State and Federal)
  • Re-Importation of Pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer Marketing Online
  • Rules & Regulations (including NAFTA)
  • Ethical Procedures for Fulfilling Medical Prescriptions with Online Pharmacies
  • Insurance Issues
  • Payment Processing for Online Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Pricing Issues
  • To some, the internet has an image of the "wild west." The goal of the conference is to discuss both legal and ethical ways governments and consumers can purchase medical prescriptions online. It is designed to provide a forum for setting the ground rules for regulation and enforcement.

    This two day event will include speakers that are experts in the pharmaceutical industry. It is a "no holds barred" event, meaning that questions asked can be as pointed as possible. The conference goal is to seek solutions to existing problems, not merely banter.

    Exhibitors of new and existing online pharmaceutical related products will be shown. Attendees are urged to evaluate and question each exhibitor in detail.

    Attendees to this event include:

  • Pharmaceutical Executives (Online and Traditional)
  • Government Representatives (Local, State and Federal)
  • Insurance Executives
  • Consumer Organizational Executives
  • Customs Executives
  • Back-end Software for Online Pharmacies
  • Shipping Executives
  • Entrepreneurs


    One important fact came out out of the first COPHARM event that was held March 24-25, 2004 in Winnipeg. That fact was that the internet pharmaceutical industry is not going away. It will remain, and it will change with the times.

    As the online pharmaceutical industry morphs and changes to adapt, so do the conference topics at the event. We strive to make sure that the topics covered are at the forefront of any online pharmaceutical executive's agenda. Technological trends, policies and other factors that can give dlegates and advantage in the online pharmaceutical marketplace are subjects we seek to cover at COPHARM conferences.

    While the domestic USA consumer has been empowered to purchase pharmaceuticals at lower prices via cross-border sales, it has spurred the growth of the Online Pharmaceutical Industry. Add to this the pressing desires of several US State Governors to outsource pharmaceuticals from Canada due to health care budgets. However, many complicated and serious issues have arisen out of this. Lastly, there is a certain element actively promoting pharmaceuticals over the internet unethically. For these reasons, those involved with the manufacture, distribution, sales, purchase and regulation of pharmaceuticals need to meet and discuss the online pharmaceutical industry.

    The COPHARM conference will provide the venue and the topics for discussion. Finding solutions to problems and integrating them properly is the goal of this event.

    Anyone at the executive level involved in the pharmaceutical sector, whether it be an online/traditional pharmacy, drug manufacturer, healthcare executive in a government institution, customs, postal service, insurance or marketing, then this event is for you. Many online pharmaceutical and government executives will be present. You will have the opportunity to ask questions. We, like you, want to see that both exhibitors and companies that present are reputable and reliable for the online pharmaceutical industry.

    We look forward to seeing you at the event.

    Marc Lesnick
    Conference Organizer

    Call +1 (212) 722-1744 ext. 74

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